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Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Welcome to LearningMethods
    "Intelligence applied to experience – understanding and navigating your life"

Learn for yourself and solve your own problems — it doesn't take long because you already have what it takes within you, you just need to learn to use it !
We are the most amazing learning creatures on the planet.  We have a wonderful in-built
intelligence, an exquisitely sensitive awareness and a wealth of experience day after day...
Yet we still suffer from so many chronic and completely unnecessary problems.    Why?
Especially when most of our chronic problems are so easy and quick to change...

Main areas of the web site:

What is LearningMethods??
   – More about how it can help you and what you'll learn
      And how do I study it?       (aussi en français)

Upcoming Workshops and Trainings (see below also)
   – Calendar of scheduled workshops and upcoming events

Quotes and Testimonials
   – Read people's comments on how the work has helped them

On-line Library of Articles and eBooks
   – Articles on the work and how it solved various problems

LM Store — Publications / Recordings
   – Order books, articles, recordings by Gorman and others
including The Body Moveable, an illustrated 600-page text
        on our human musculoskeletal structure & function.

Finding a Teacher
   – List of qualified LM teachers and apprentice-teachers

Training as an LM Teacher
   – What is involved in becoming a teacher of the LM work
David Gorman's workshop and training schedule:

Modular Learning logoLearningMethods Modular Training
(including Anatomy of Wholeness and Alexander Technique)
This multifaceted training includes local in-person groups, intensive periodic workshops and distance online learning. LearningMethods OnlineTM , the distance learning component has
  already begun and more groups will be added soon. These include
  training in LearningMethods and Anatomy of Wholeness from
  beginner level to professional and certification level.
  More details here...
Stratford, ON, Canada  —  21-23 January 2011 - weekend
   – Standing on Top of the World

Kadermo, Finland  —  Summer 2011 - 2 weeks
   – The Yoga of Wholeness (retreat on a beautiful island)

In progress:  A new book by David Gorman a look at our human structure and function from the point of view of the whole thinking, feeling being — includes a full exploration of his revolutionary and profound discovery of 'the elastically-sprung suspension system'...      
Selected parts will hopefully be available soon in downloadable e-book format — to be informed of this and other LearningMethods news and events join our e-mail list below

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